Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday, May 26
2:00 pm Pick up CSA in Los Altos, CA
7:00 pm RCIA meet in Los Altos, CA

Friday, May 27
7:30 pm View "Midnight in Paris" in San Jose, CA with coworker

Saturday, May 28
11:00 am Asian Auction preview in Scotts Valley, CA
1:00 pm UAF Championship Game with friends, end with Pork Chop Brunch in Ben Lomond, CA
5:30 pm Brother's-in-Law Birthday Party in Los Gatos, CA

Sunday, May 29
11:00 am Asian Art Auction in Scotts Valley, CA
5:00 pm prepare salad for beach camping dinner
6:00 pm Dinner at Sunset State Beach, CA with friends

Monday, May 30
11:45 am View "Hangover II" in Scotts Valley, CA with a friend
4:00 pm Wine Tasting at Heitz in St. Helena, CA
5:15 pm Ice Cream Sandwich at Ad Hoc in Yountville, CA
7:45 pm Dinner at Morimoto in Napa, CA with hubby and friend
2:00 am Arrive home

Tuesday, May 31
7:00 am Arrive at work

Monday, May 30, 2011

Omakase Morimoto Napa II

A friend, who works in the restaurant industry, had one day off on Memorial Day. On Saturday he threw out his desires (his fiancee is out of town working), "Let's watch Hangover II or go to Morimoto! . . . OR Both!" After all, he only had one day.

The reservation we could get on short notice was 7:45 pm, though we weren't seated until 8:15 pm. The bartender made us a drink while we waited. Staff was tired, and wanted to go home after working the long holiday weekend. We tried to cheer them.
The two boys ordered the Omakase ("Chef, do what you want."), while I ordered lobster and sushi [(above) believing it would be 5-6 pieces beautifully garnished like the one with the Omakase . . . this was not the case, though delicious]. The sushi I ordered was similar to other sushi restaurants, the sushi on the Omakase is absolutely beautiful (being very visual).

It was our friend's first time at Morimoto Napa, while my husband had the Omakase December 30, 2010 (see photos from blog post of that date). Our Ad Hoc friends suggested ordering the crab rangoon, which we did.
Their Omakase began the same:
toro tartare
kanpachi carpaccio of Amber Jack

At which point we were brought printed menus of the Omakase with the sake pairings. I inquired how often, if at all, the Omakase menu changed. Was informed that the chef makes different items for subsequent Omakase orders. Told the nice server that it was my husband's second Omakase. Friend stuck with the original Omakase, while hubby was given different items (which shook things up).
Instead of bagna cauda (vegetables with hot garlic oil fondue), he received a beautiful scallop with morel mushrooms.
Instead of foie gras chawan mushi (duck custard), he was presented quail with cherries--heavenly.
The three of us were given the intermezzo of sorbet.
He received a different variety of sushi, that included a piece of Kobe Beef sushi (second in from the right).
Instead of surf, turf and turf; he had turf, surf and surf
The three of us ended with chocolate raspberry cake with a presentation of poured chocolate magic shell. Great dessert!
We ordered the donuts for our friend, and the restaurant brought us ice cream sandwiches and chocolate pieces. The staff enjoyed our table, and we really enjoyed the staff. The Japanese are like the Italians in that they love to feed people! It was everything our friend could wish for on his ONE DAY off.