Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving in America is called "Black Friday."  Many businesses make over half their revenues in the thirty-days leading up to Christmas.  They finally go 'into the black' (in accounting terms) at the start to the official Christmas shopping season.  Once Turkey Day is over, people start gearing up for Christmas; stores take advantage and entice people with great deals and sales.
I spent my Black Friday in a busy, meaningful way.  Hubby dropped himself off at work at 7 am; I took his car onto where I volunteered to help take down autumn decorations to make way for Advent (waiting for the Nativity) d├ęcor.  A couple of hours later I picked up a friend at her condominium with the gorgeous ocean view.  

We drove north to the Palace of the Legion of Honor at the top of San Francisco, CA.  PotLoH’s current exhibit explains Japanese woodblock prints and their influence on Impressionist artwork.  The display fascinated, and gave me a deeper appreciation for this form of art.
 Since we had time on our way to Santa Rosa, we stopped at Divine Delights in Petaluma, CA. I picked up petit fours table decorations for an afternoon tea next weekend.  Love stopping by this small production factory as they offer wonderful prices! (not to mention adorable goods)

In Santa Rosa picked up our first allotment of a wine club.  Eric Kent wines feature a new artist label for each new vintage and type of wine.  This is what caught my eye when we purchased some for friends' wedding.  Thought we'd give the wines a try to see if the labels matched what was inside the bottle . . . yes, I'm a visual person.
After dropping my friend off at her home, exhausted (she'd done 4 am Black Friday shopping), I drove across the Bay to meet up with hubby.  He was driven by his coworker/friend to our friend's home in the East Bay.  There his coworker's wife had taken much of the day to prepare another wonderful meal for friends.
Friends brought wine, the husband made the crab, the wife made herb chicken, roasted vegetables, quinoa salad, green beans, and bacon macaroni & cheese.
A friend made Paula Deen's praline cheese cake (with less sugar), and another friend's brother made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for dessert.