Saturday, February 12, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture Week 8

Hubby picked up the Community Supported Agriculture for week 8.  It looked delicious with the smallest head of cauliflower.
Saturday we took Mike and Kara Dunn's newest venture:  2007 Retro Petite Sirah from Napa Valley grapes, to the California coast.  Walked past a low-rise rock covered with seals.
A roast of pork was put in the oven for 6 hours, slow cooking a sweet-and-spicy "pulled" pork.  Using the CSA vegetables (and an everything but the kitchen sink mentality) created a surprisingly delicious "barbeque."

The liquid from the braise made a wonderful sauce.  I looked around to see what I could use up in the refrigerator and cupboards (it worked!):

1 1/2, 750ml bottles of Retro Petite Sirah Napa Valley
3/4, 375ml bottle of Vista Del Rey Vineyard Barbera Dessert Wine (leftover from many weeks ago)
10 oz Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup
1/2, 730ml bottle Mae Ploy sauce
16 oz homemade Pepper Jelly
1 tbsp CSA Apricot Jam
6 oz honey-like homemade Apricot Jam
4 medium CSA leeks, cleaned and rough chopped
12 small CSA Fuji apples
1 bn CSA kale
1/2 bn CSA celery
1 large full pork butt roast
1 cup homemade Mexican Mole sauce
liberal amounts of salt and pepper