Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend

To begin the three day weekend, Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday is Federally celebrated on Monday; my goal was to relax, get some chores done (that I'd been putting off), use the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and spend time with friends.  Toward relaxing I picked up some groceries, including whole crab, and some DVD movie rentals.

"The Last Station" was an interesting film about love, economic equality among people, and ideals (peaceful protest) at the end of Leo Tolstoy's life.  Had no idea that Tolstoy was such an interesting figure, and made the movie my tribute to MLK, Jr. for the weekend.  The movie was much, much more enjoyable than our second movie called "Cyrus" (comedians playing serious rolls?).  Later note:  Cyrus received critical acclaim, I like my comedians funny.

Finished most of the chores I set out mentally on Friday's drive home.  After eating the crab, I sliced the beautiful Poilane-like bread (really enjoy the CSA Companion Baker's Bread), and topped it with the strawberry-ginger apple sauce from Happy Girl Kitchen, Co. through our CSA, for dessert.  Felt good about putting a small dent into the weekly CSA.