Monday, September 12, 2016

Ad Hoc Restaurant's 10th Birthday

My dear Ad Hoc Restaurant's birthday is September 16. They threw themselves a festive 10th Birthday Party in the back garden for about 300 people on the previous Monday, September 12, 2016. We were greeted at the sign-in table with a giant art chalkboard and a pulled pork waffle cone. Platters of mini lobster rolls came from the kitchen. There were three food stations outside in the back garden: oyster and prawn cocktails; baby roasted piglet, corn on the cob and wood-fired pizzas; finally there was fried chicken, beans and the fixings. Later, there was a large dessert buffet table. Wandering inside the kitchen there was a birthday cake displayed made by The French Laundry. Inside the restaurant a charcuterie platter, cheeses with bread were available. It was a lovely party.