Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy Ad Hoc New Year's Eve to You!

The real reason we were in Napa around the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 was to dine at my favorite Ad Hoc restaurant with long-time friends.  Originally mother-in-law was to join, so brother-in-law generously donated his timeshare Thursday night for the cause.  The indecisive weather covered us with a cap of clouds, a strong sun trying to shine through, and a band of clear sky along the horizon.  It added to the mystery of the last day of 2010.
Hubby needed a drink thirty minutes before our reservation so we took a seat at the bar in Ad Hoc.  He gulped down champagne to start his New Year's Eve, inhaling immediate relaxation.  Then our glamorous friends and their traveling stuffed turtle joined us for dinner.
TJ the Turtle browsing the night's menu
endive, watercress, pear, candied walnut, blue cheese and bacon bit salad
a pile of beef wellington, just foraged chanterelle mushrooms and truffled mashed potatoes
broccolini with hollandaise sauce
Tomme de Recollets, 12 lucky grapes, and pistachio butter on toast 
coconut brittle, tangerine sorbet, fudge brownie on something creamy
Visited some surprised friends on Howell Mountain and drank mapley-sweet chocolaty rum.  At Summit Lake Vineyards joined friends for a game of Wit and Wagers with the adults, then gathered the teenagers to watch the New Year's 2011 ball and large snowflakes fall.
Happy New Year 2011 !

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