Sunday, October 23, 2011

CSA & Pig Pick Up

Thursday picked up our CSA.  We're contemplating whether or not to get the Winter Share this year, but will definitely get the Regular Season Share next year (beginning in April 2012).
Up at Summit Lake Vineyards the younger Griffin daughter raises pigs for 4-H.  The eldest daughter used to raise 4-H pigs, but doesn't any more.  Now her pigs are raised for college money.  We purchased half a 300 pound pig to supply us with protein for the next year.  Not only did we see the pigs when they were young arrive at the farm, we saw them grow up.
Some may have great issue with knowing that one of these sweet pigs ended up filling our freezer.  I've said many prayers and given much thanks for the pig.  I know they were not overcrowded, that they were fed well, treated well, cared for; will help a talented young, hardworking lady go to college; and I know when, where (at home), and how the animals were shot and butchered.  All of it done with much respect for the animals.
On Saturday we picked up our pig from the butcher at Willowside Meats, Inc. in Santa Rosa, CA.  One can see the quality of their meats.  Having not personally bought a half an animal before, I was surprised to learn we had 19 pounds of sausage (made into breakfast links).

Sunday morning we had sausage pita for breakfast; and a bacon, lettuce and tomato salad for dinner.  The sausage was relatively lean, the bacon very lean and meaty, both had excellent flavor.  We requested the butcher put the pork into small packages as there are only two of us.  I'm sure you'll hear more about the pig in the future.
For the dear pig who gave up it's life
for us to eat and be nourished well.

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