Sunday, December 16, 2012

America the Beautiful

It's been a while since I've written. Part of the reason I'm considering writing again from time to time, is that I'm now paying Google for extra space to accommodate more photos.

In light of the tragic school shooting Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School, thought I would write a little about America. The better America is, the worst it is, too. There is too much to say, so I'll just hit upon a few points.

I am extremely fortunate. We have jobs, an education and everything we could need, and then some. I feel lucky and very happy to be an American. Wasn't always an American, however. My parents adopted me when I was 2 years old. A week ago, I celebrated 36 years in America, with tremendous food, wonderful friends and scenic views. Good things that are made possible via this country.
Through a book club I'm involved, I've read about different countries' views, politics and policies. It's eye-opening learning about world wars, mental illness, and the human spirit under extreme conditions.

Speaking with a man from Viet Nam, opened my eyes partly to why America is able to enjoy so much. He took the point that, America has a history of dropping/selling guns all over the world, perhaps to divide nations, to promote civil wars. He argued that by doing so, America had countries fighting among themselves (dividing their power), purchasing newly "needed" weaponry--both of which are potentially advantageous to this country.

So, it's relatively ironic that our fundamental "right to bear arms" has lead us to allow guns produced solely for killing humans, into any American's hands. The Sandy Hook tragedy is the new poster child for our extremism.
What is right with America, is also what is wrong with America. I only hope that we may put these freedoms into the hands of educated, chemically/hormonally balanced individuals. I love America and hope that it finds ways to be wholesome, honest and good.

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