Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Way We Eat Now

Tonight's The New York Times "TimesTalks" topic was all about food, specifically about what three Northern California chefs think.  Thomas Keller talked about how high quality ingredients matter, not as much that the ingredients are organic.  Stating that:  some of these farms have been operating organically for generations, so they are not always going to go through the process of becoming certified organic.  Michael Mina spoke about being asked by his 9 and 12 year-old to get rice started early so that they could make sushi for themselves for their school lunches.  And Traci Des Jardins mentioned that providing full healthcare coverage for her San Francisco restaurant employees puts a huge strain on the profit and loss statements (not to mention having to pay minimum wage to servers making a lot of money in tips, which also causes a huge discrepancy in pay between the back and front of the house).  Overall it was a good talk, and enjoyable to hear and watch.
Afterward, all five participants sign our Ad Hoc cookbook, including Kim Severson and Frank Bruni.  It is a one of a kind.  The view from the Kabuki theatre this evening reflected our vibe of the night.
The talk ended at 8 pm, so we ate at a nearby sushi restaurant in Japan Town in San Francisco before heading home.  
Last night I took my 92 year-old great-aunt to a double feature of classic movies in downtown Palo Alto.  We saw "Trouble in Paradise" (funny movie about two jewelry thieves) and "Love Me Tonight" (romantic musical) from 1932.  Lucky for us, Jeffery's served us hamburgers shortly after their 9 pm closing time.  It's about our quality of life, and we are living!

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