Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wrapping up Wine Bottling

The second day would be a full day, if all the bottling happened as planned.  We started at 8 am on the dot.  I worked second bottling position all morning, my husband worked the empty glass bottle unloading station, and our friend worked the end of the line case labeling station (my husband's coworker worked the bottle unloading station, while his wife worked the wine label on the case station).

A productive day, the filled bottles came at us at the rate of 95 bottles per minute.  With bottles coming at one that fast, there is hardly time for a passing thought.  We helped fill and load (with the help of machines) 5,000 cases of wine.  After working the inserting the bottles in case boxes station for six hours, I was ready for a slightly less busy job.  The last couple of hours of the day I folded box tops to put through the tape machine and labeled the cases with an ID sticker.
We walked away with new prize wine possessions.  Looking beat, we headed to Silverado Brewing Company for dinner.  They refreshed us with fish and chips, ribs and a shrimp and crab Louis salad.  Our friend was dropped off exhausted at 11 pm (he'd also run 10 miles down to Pope Valley and up Ink Grade before the 8 am bottling call!).  We arrived home before we turned into pumpkins, happily satisfied with our glass wine bottling experience.  It fit perfectly.

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