Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NEW CSA Season!

First week of the 2011 Regular Season 4/6/11
Live Earth Farm CSA
What did we do with it?
Fish with fennel, sauteed greens with brown rice
toast, grilled cheese sandwiches
apple snacks
three meals worth of chicken salads (lettuce, beets, onion)

Second week CSA 4/13/11
What are we doing with it?
First night:  CSA broccoli (from last week), CSA onion and CSA mushroom with eggs and egg whites (left over from making creme brulee) frittata; buttered CSA toast and oranges from auntie's backyard.
Plans for a community vegetable soup for this coming Friday.
Some carrots and apples will be enjoyed as snacks.
Will definitely create some salads with the beautiful lettuce.

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