Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunset Magazine Tour

Via a charity auction we were lucky enough to visit the Sunset Magazine headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.  The President, Barbara Newton toured a group around the 7 acre grounds (there are 6 additional acres across the street).  She explained that Sunset Magazine began in the very late 1800's, was owned by two generations of the Lane family, and was finally sold to Time Warner.  Sunset encompasses everything great about the Western United States.
Publishing headquarters for Sunset magazine was built in the 1950's, and designed in a one-story Spanish Mission-style.  It is gorgeous!
The above photo was taken in the "test" garden, an area where a lot of photo sites are set-up, torn down and changed often.  Liked the concept of a rock garden with pretty plants interspersed--a good way to spice up our own rock garden.
In the back, back lot we saw the green house.  Liked the view of just how much work and organization goes into plants for the magazine.
For their "one block feast" book and idea, they began raising bees.  Here are the hives, with busy bees buzzing to and from the moated hives.
Here the outdoor kitchen with every imaginable outdoor kitchen want or need.  Under the market umbrella is the "wine counter," named such because the countertop is made of crushed wine bottles and concrete.  This area is featured in their upcoming June 4-5 Sunset Celebration Weekend.
A private wine cellar features reclaimed wood from a Mendocino barn.  Very much enjoyed seeing and hearing about this fantastic magazine.

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